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Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan
of essay contest on Heydar Aliyev and development of the banking sector in Azerbaijan dedicated to the 90th Anniversary of the National leader Heydar Aliyev

I. Introduction
The Central Bank is announcing an essay contest among higher school students on Heydar Aliyev and Development of the Banking Sector in Azerbaijan in order to stimulate students-youths to deeply learn the policy and reforms on modernization of the banking in Azerbaijan pursued by the National Leader Heydar Aliyev, the founder of economic development of modern Azerbaijan.

II. Goal of the contest
2.1. Improve competencies in determining and generalizing the major ideas of Heydar Aliyev’s rich political heritage;
2.2. Study development stages of our modern banking system;
2.3. Nurture unbiased opinion among students-youths on the economy and changes in the banking sector of our country;
2.4. Strongly motivate young researchers of economy, banking and finance.

III. Contestants
3.1. Students of economic background are eligible to participate at the contest.
3.2. Contestants should submit a copy (an electronic and printed copy) of an essay prepared according to the contest topic , including a copy of ID and student card to the Central Bank.

IV. Participation
4.1. Essays should be written and submitted under the terms of current Rules.
4.2. Essays in conflict with the Rules shall not be allowed to the contest.
4.3. Submitted essays shall not be returned back.

V. Form, size and language of an essay
5.1. Contestant should submit a copy (an electronic and printed copy) of the essay he/she prepared for the contest.
5.2. Essays should be submitted in Azerbaijani. Those in foreign languages should be submitted after having been translated.
5.3. First, second and last name of the student, as well as the name of the higher school where he/she studies should be written on the first page.
5.4. Essays shall be submitted in A4 format of electronic and paper form and

the size shall not exceed 5 pages. 2.5 sm margin shall be left on right, left, upper and lower parts of the page. Spacing between lines shall be 1. 15sm. Spacing between paragraps (before and after paragraph) shall be 3pt. Essay font theme shall be Times New Roman, font size being 14.

VI. Requirements
6.1. Essays submitted should be scientific and analyses and views should be expressed concisely.
6.2. Contestant should express his/her own original views and ideas in the essay.
6.3. Copyright observance and relevant quotes are of importance. Data from any source can not be included into an essay without indicating the source or referring to it.

VII. Evaluation of essays
7.1. Essays shall be evaluated under the following requirements: comply with form and content requirements; clarity and comprehensiveness of thoughts and ideas put forward; Originality and possibility of solutions to the studied problems; Literary-artistic language richness and lucidity of an essay.
7.2. Jury can interview contestant(s) to determine whether the views in his/her essay belong to the contestant(s).

VIII. Jury
8.1. Evaluation of essays shall be conducted by the Jury.
8.2. Jury shall consist of members of the Organization Committee established in the Central Bank on 90 year anniversary of the National Leader Heydar Aliyev.

IX. Awards
9.1. Winners will be granted awards of money: - One 1st place – AZN 300; - Two 2nd places – AZN 200; - Two 3rd places – AZN 100; In addition, winners will be granted with commemorative coins issued on the 20 year anniversary of the Central Bank.
9.2. Further information on the venue and date of the awarding ceremony shall be provided by the organizer. Winners shall be awarded at an official ceremony.

X. Submission of essays and additional info
10.1. Necessary information on the contest shall be placed on the official website (http://www.cbar.az) of the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan and published in a number of newspapers.
10.2. Essays should be submitted until 18.00, 10 April 2013. Essays submitted later than deadline will not be received.
10.3. Contestants may fill in the application form posted on a special section of the website and send it attached with an essay to the relevant email address.

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